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#1. RO Systems Manufacturing

Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed for overall superior performance, high recovery rates, minimal energy consumption and offer great savings with low maintenance and low operation costs. Our Reverse Osmosis Systems range in capacities from 12,000 to 36,000 gallons per day. To achieve higher recovery rates, each base model includes a concentrate recycle loop. These systems can be upgraded with features such as a variable frequency drive, digital instrumentation, a chemical feed system, blending valve and a permeate divert valve.

#2. Water Filtration and purification membranes

Mozon reverse osmosis membranes are constructed using the industry’s Leading membrane film technology. We provide a wide range of reverse osmosis membranes mostly used for seawater reverse osmosis and Nanofiltration. Seawater reverse osmosis membranes are ideal for use in seawater and high salinity applications requiring high rejection rates. Nanofiltration membranes are designed to provide high productivity and performance with increased rejection of salts and organic compounds.

#3. Hydroponic Green Fodder System

Green fodder is essential to feed livestock but the reduced availability of land and lack of water. It is become difficult to produce required quantity green fodder throughout the year also, the lack of quality fodder hampers the growth production and Reproduction of livestock.

Mozon have developed a method of cultivation which uses no soil or land but only water in a tray. It is very convenient and maintenance free at very low cost. With a Drip and flow technique the water consumption is less. We can provide system of daily output capacity 100Kg to 1000Kg.

Advantages of hydroponic fodder :

Nutrient Value

Green fodder has more nutrient than traditional fodder dry food or grain. It contains high carbohydrate, minerals, and vitamins.

Time to grow

Compared to traditional fodder which often needs up to two months to grow you can grow hydroponic fodder in just one week.

Less water requirement

Compared to conventional fodder production it required less water for hydroponic fodder production. Only 3 to 4 liters of water is necessary to grow one kilogram of hydroponic fodder on other for traditional fodder approximate 70- 100liter water required.

Easy daily production

Hydroponic fodder can be produced on a regular basis throughout the year even when low water problem.

Chemicals or pesticides

It does not require any Chemicals or pesticides to grow.

Less workforce and Transport cost

It needed less workforce and transport cost. most of the farmer grow hydroponic green fodder near to the livestock shade.

#4. Water proofing contract and services

We are applicators in Water proofing; Metal roofing contractor - leak repairs and metal roof coatings; professional crews specializing in industrial and commercial roofing. Steel / metal roofing waterproofing and metal roof coating to stop metal roof leaks; commercial & industrial metal roofs. Mozon Industries is focused and specialized in Waterproofing, Specialty Coating, Swimming Pool, Blasting &Painting, Fireproofing, Concrete Repair, Firestopping, Interior Fit outs, Refractory & Insulation and Insulation ancillaries Products. Trading of all Electrical and Civil related products. Our Divisions are capable to take any challenges in their respective areas and offer the ultimate customer satisfaction.

#5. Building Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

We provide electrical maintenance service for high, medium and low voltage electrical distribution systems.

HVAC Maintenance

We provide technical maintenance for all HVAC Systems from district cooling, chillers to split units.

Civil Works

We carry out all forms of civil and fit out works.

Plumbing Maintenance

We maintain all forms of plumbing systems.

Mechanical Maintenance

We maintain the full range of mechanical equipment and plant.

#7. IT Service

We are Providing IT Services, Colabrating with ELSA information technology.

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#8. LandScaping

We are Providing Land Scaping Services, Colabrating with QatarPalms Co.

Qatar Palm is a landscape and irrigation services company. We are newly introducted a technology such Known as "Shirasu blocks". Stone Works is the producer of Shirasu blocks used in rooftop, balcony and special use gardening and lawn growth. This new technique has the capability of growing lawn & flowers at inclination angle of 45 degrees which can be installed at main entrances of hotels, big companies, and compounds.


Friendly to the earth using "Shirasu" natural materials from volcanic pumice made only in and brought to you from japan. We have taken advantage of the ability of Shirasu to retain water, to produce green turf. The pavement surface temperature is well controlled and mitigates the heat island phenomenon. Shirasu Stone works doing in Japan at Kagoshima Tramen.


Shafallah is one of the major client in Qatar . We are making an excellent Green House for them. Also having a training center for students how to take care of plants and the necessity of plants in the modern world.

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